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Message from The School Manager

Amarjit Kharade We Understand The Differences....
We Respect The Differences....
We Care The Differences....

AIM: To Expose Our Children To Wisdom And Creativity So That They Sustain Our Ancient Culture.

From the heart of an Educationist..
The winds of globalization and socio technological advancements of 21st century is day by day providing threat to mankind by curtailing and amending the values and virtues that past Gurus have imbibed in us. The aggressive rush for materialistic self fulfillment and competitiveness is redefining our socio cultural ethics and undermining the true self of all beings.

Hence, at this critical juncture the need has been arisen to negate the undesirable impacts of these changes and imbibe the desirable and expected virtues by providing the life oriented skills and value oriented atmosphere. Sterling School Nerul believes in rendering such education that will bring out the true Indian.

We will train the young generation to view life holistically, creatively and philosophically, face challenges in life with a positive attitude, develop skills in responding emergencies, awareness and live a better and a meaningful life through self actualization. The teaching methodologies are equipped with life skills that will enable them to resist materialism, manage imbalance of life successfully and develop appreciation for nature both external and internal. Only then it is possible to expose our children to wisdom and creativity so that they sustain our ancient culture. To conclude, all I would like to say is that your child is a gift from God to you now let us together make the child worthy and this will be our best gift to God.

Amarjit Kharade, School Manager